Friday, 13 February 2009

Pin Hole Camera

I followed a tutorial on the internet and made a pinhole camera using and empty film canister and a film box. Although it is a good idea it didn't work too well and it needs a lot of practice to get it right. I still think its and excellent idea though


Sunday, 8 February 2009

experimenting with different ways of writing, i enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is readable and what you can do with the keyboard in front of you to make text less boring

First version of our film for com tech....

this is the first version of mine and tash's film for com tech. We still need to edit some more of it and filter through some more footage.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Diana + //120 black and white

This is the first 120 film i have developed. I found some parts relativley easy but some very very tricky. Most of the development process was the same as 35mm film but with some adjustments. The part i found extremely tricky was getting the film onto the spiral. Because this film is wider i found it incredibly hard to get the film onto the spiral and i was in the loading room for some time. I did persist though and i eventually succeeded!

Im relatively happy with the outcome of the film. The photos do look very good, because of the snow they have a soviet union feel to them!


I found this camera relativly easy to use. It is just point and shoot, you dont have to faf around ajusting anything. this is what i liked about it, you can take it anywhere and cpature moments with ease.

The concept of this camera is that it it takes 3 pictures on one frame. one after the other, so if youre taking pictures of something fast moving then it will capture the action.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Digital PHOTOGRAPHY Induction

We recently had a digital photography induction. I was a bit skeptical about this at first as i thought we would just be given a camera told to take pictures then just bundle them onto a computer, but it turns out i was wrong.

I was a bit disappointed that only 3 people turned up for the induction but i'd like to give credit to the tutor as he really did try. I was indeed wrong and we were shown a lot more than i thought. We were first issued a dslr. I already knew the basics but as it was a different camera i had to get to know the layout. We then started to take about the basics of iso speed, apperture and shutter speed. I allready knew some of this but it was good to know in relation to digital photography and indoors shoots. I now know how to set the camera up for these settings. We then started looking at light metering. I had allways wanted to know how to do this so this was really interesting. From this this we started to experiment with lights and different things you can do with lights indoors to alter you photograph and create different effects. We also started to play around with long exposures and flashes creating double images and light painted images.

From what i expected i was very suprised about this induction. I came away thinking that i had now learned so much i didn't know. I also now know that im able to use this facility whenever i wish.

How things work: a toster

it tosts thigs....


I really like this animation. I love his drawing style and the strangeness of the story line. I also like like the fact that he does all the music aswell as the animation.

Monday, 2 February 2009